Wellness Assistance

To provide the best care possible, healthcare workers need to be well physically, emotionally & mentally

Our Wellness Assistance Program strives to help every stakeholder and every individual in the Signature community find purpose. At Signature, we embrace core values known as the Sacred Seven: Heroism, Compassion, Team Work, Respect, Integrity, Patience, and Positivity.

About Our Wellness Assistance Program

To be able to provide the best care possible, healthcare workers themselves need to be well – physically, emotionally, and mentally. Additionally, those being served in a healthcare setting need access to support that aids the healing process and elevates their overall quality of life.

Our foundation supports the emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing of individuals serving and residing in Signature communities. From Chaplain services to financial literacy education, we provide funding for a broad range of services that address the diverse and varying needs of healthcare workers and elders.

Our chaplains serve through bold listening, hope and humility, striving to meet residents, employees and family members where they are, at the point of their spiritual need. The chaplain serves not just as a service of prayer but as a clinical intervention of hope and healing.


Chaplaincy Services

We offer a variety of spiritual programming to support the emotional and mental well-being of our stakeholders, elders and community.​​​​​ Here are the six services we focus on:

Bereavement Care
The death of a loved one can be difficult. We’re here to support stakeholders, elders, and the family members of stakeholders and elders during their period of mourning.

Crisis & Trauma Support
Unexpected, life changing events happen to everyone. We can help. We provide crisis and trauma response services to individuals, families, and whole facilities.

Grief Counseling
No one should have to grieve alone. Grief counseling can happen at any point in life – not just when someone we love dies. We’re here to help stakeholders and elders through the grieving process, no matter when it occurs.

Pastoral Counseling
Sometimes we just need a listening ear or friendly counsel. We offer pastoral counseling for all of life’s circumstances. We help stakeholders and elders thoughtfully consider any aspect of life, personal and professional.

We support elders and stakeholders with their daily prayer needs. No matter the problem, we provide interfaith prayer opportunities to support everyone’s spiritual needs.

Sacraments & Rituals
We provide sacraments and ritual services to aid faith expression. We partner with faith leaders across religions to help ensure stakeholders and elders have access to the sacraments and rituals of their faith.


Care Packages

We support our elders, stakeholders and community by providing their families with care packages that help cultivate tranquility through the grieving process. We also provide care packages to our stakeholders and community that are in the hospital to make their stay more comfortable and pleasant.


Please help. Your assistance translates into real, life-changing benefits for thousands of caregivers and the vulnerable population they serve.