Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Compassion Fund?

  • It is a fund to assist our Stakeholders and communities who have experienced an uncontrollable catastrophic situation such as a fire, death, illness, accident or other serious tragedy. We intend to be an early responder in a crisis situation.

Who can contribute?

  • Stakeholders can contribute through a payroll deduction for a one time amount, % of pay or a flat amount to be deducted each paycheck. Members of the community can also donate funds. Donations are being accepted currently, and payroll deductions will reflect on the following pay check.

If I sign up for a payroll deduction, then how do I stop giving if I need to?

  • You can stop your deduction effective within 15 days by notifying your HR.

How will I know how much I contributed, and will I receive a tax deduction?

  • Employees will see their deductions on each pay stub and community members will be given a receipt at the time of their donation. Employees will receive a receipt at the end of the year for tax preparation.

Who is eligible to apply for assistance?

  • Beginning on September 1st, 2009, Stakeholders who have completed their orientation period and individuals that live and work in the community can apply for assistance. These are people who have had an uncontrollable catastrophic event in their lives that has put them in a crisis situation. This is not intended for individuals whose “lifestyle” has put them in a bad situation in their lives.  The individual or someone on their behalf must complete and submit an application to the Chaplain or HR Director in the facility, which will then be sent to the selection committee.

Who decides if an award will be given?

  • There is a selection committee that will review applications at least monthly to determine who will receive assistance.

Who is on the Selection Committee?

  • The Selection Committee is made-up of seven stakeholders (line staff and managers) from several different facilities with regional representation. They will serve staggered terms of six months and then a new committee will be appointed by the Board of Directors of the Compassion Fund.

How much assistance is provided?

  • The selection committee will determine the type and amount of the award based on individual needs and funds, goods and/or services available.

Does each facility have their own fund or is it one fund for the entire company?

  • All donations will be included in the Compassion Fund which is available to all stakeholders and community members of Signature Healthcare affiliated facilities (including the home office) and their communities. The Compassion Fund, Inc. has created separate subsidiaries for each community, although all donations are included within one master fund, although we will try to track donations by facility. One fund will work to everyone’s advantage by making the larger pool of funds available to all applicants in their time of need.

What is considered “the community” in the application process?

  • The community consists of that area which immediately surrounds the facility.

Will the money be placed in an interest bearing account?

  • As the funds grow, they may be invested through secure methods to earn interest, but will not be placed in any type of account with risk of reducing funds.

Is there a priority for Signature stakeholders?

  • The priority will always reside with our employees, their families and then the communities in which we serve.