Compassion Fund Application

The Compassion Fund, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) charitable organization established in 2009 for the purpose of providing emergency relief assistance to the Signature HealthCARE Family. The SHC Family consists of stakeholders, residents, and their immediate families and members of the communities surrounding Signature HealthCARE facilities. The mission of the Compassion Fund is to be a followup responder in serious situations caused by unforeseeable and uncontrollable hardships. The fund is not intended for long term or recurring financial support.

Reviewers will consider your situation based first upon the criteria listed while at the same time taking into account your financial history and current situation. Failure to provide the full documentation or to adequately explain how your financial need effectively relates to the criteria can seriously limit your application’s favorable review. All information provided for review must be current and accurate.

All applications require an Advocate, which is someone to assist you in the application process and to act as a point of contact during the process. Advocates usually are SHC Chaplains or Human Resource Directors as they have been trained on how to assist in the process, although other SHC Employees with company email addresses are permitted to serve in this capacity if needed. Advocates are to maintain confidentiality of your case before, during, and after the review of your application.

Your Advocate is the sole person authorized to send information to the Compassion Fund facilitators or to receive communications from them regarding your case.

Please have the following documents ready to upload before filling out the online application:

  • All bills/invoices that need payment
  • 2 months pay stubs
  • 2 months bank accounts
  • Incident documentation (if applicable)
    Letter from The Compassion Fund advocate or administrator

Please fill out the following application COMPLETELY, providing all requested documentation. Incomplete applications will NOT be sent to the Selection Committee and will be sent back to the Advocate with an explanation as to what information is still needed.

If you have any issues or need assistance, please contact