In my families greatest time of need, while facing one of the toughest challenges of my adult life, you all were there. I have always been a very strong willed person and a self proclaimed survivor. The fire that took everything from me but my children almost broke me. There was a point when I felt like all was lost and I didn’t know where to turn. Chaplain came to me and said that the Compassion Fund would help. To give it a try.

The compassion fund didn’t just help my family. You gave us a place to call home again. With your contribution we were not only able to secure a new home, but to get some basic necessities to get us started. My children each have their own space back and have hope that we will fully recover. I can never repay the members of this board for the faith in mankind that my children now have. Their innocence was restored because of you.

I was always raised to believe that you receive your blessings when you are a blessing to other people. I pray that God grants his grace in each of your lives. I will forever be a donator to the Compassion Fund, a recipient of the Compassion Fund, and an advocate for the Compassion Fund. Thank you!