A New Year’s Day house fire in Marianna, FL took the lives of four of the adult members of our Stakeholder families.  She and another adult, and eleven children were left in shock.  In full alarm, Signature and all of the community came to emergency alert.  We held hands with the Red Cross, Salvation Army, local churches and businesses to feed the family, provide shelter, food, clothing, and essentials for all the survivors.  Two days later family members were taken on Signature’s van by Chaplain Darren Tucker, to shop just to have clothing for the funeral.  Afterwards, 20 bags of donated clothing were cleaned and sorted by residents, volunteers, and Stakeholders.  If ever there is a model example of Community Compassion, THIS IS IT!

Thank you Compassion Fund DONORS!  You provided $4,626.00 of support for this family.  We thank you for your prayers in remembrance of those lost and the healing that remains for this family.