The following was submitted to us from Chaplain Steve McKinney from Rogersville showing how they are adding a creative twist to raising money for the Compassion Fund as well as for a local Food Pantry:

Sam, I really appreciated your presentation to the chaplain group in Pigeon Forge on Wednesday. I truly believe in both the Compassion Fund and the Pay it Forward plan.

I presented the Pay it Forward to our management team and they are eager to get it started. All were eager to contribute to the fund. It will greatly help our stakeholders in their “tight-spots” between paydays. We plan to roll it out around Christmas time if possible.

On the Compassion Fund, we are adding a twist to encouraging participation. Our QOL Dept. is asking for canned food donations for our local Sheperd’s Center food pantry. They have a barrell in our lobby for donations. Our team has committed to matching a canned food item for every $1.00 pledged to the Compassion Fund. Example-$500 total pledged = 500 canned items.

We felt this would encourage giving truly by the heart and a double blessing in return. We are praying for a good response. We have added

a theme of “You CAN do it”!

Steve McKinney, Chaplain,
Signature HealthCARE of Rogersville